Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bartacking Machine by Kingtex Taiwan

Kingtex Computer Controlled Direct Drive Bartacking Machine
Automatic detected function for the fabric thickness.
The machine will follow the feedback of needle tip detectives to increase or decrease the stitch power, Dont need to re-adjust.
With Micro-Lubrication system. The needle bar, thread take-up, front cover don’t requires any lubrication. Solved the oil leaking problem.
The simplify control panel deletes the key, so can go to the item needed to adjust it fast and simply.This machine is offering 25 difference stitch patterns in a cycle seamIt can operats 200 different stitch patterns. Except pre-fixed sewing patterns, the user can design their own needed sewing patterns.

Kingtex Model NeedleThreadSewing Area WidthSewing Area LengthLift of the work clampNeedle
GLK1900/ASSDP X 5(14)240301741.2300004A
GLK1900/AHSDP X 17(21)240301745.7300004A
GLK1900/AFSDP X 5(11)240301741.2300004A
GLK1900/AFFDP X 17(14)225521745.7220004A


alskie rivera said...

do you have suplier spare parts of this machine here in cambodia?

alskie rivera said...

i have this bartack 5 unit automatic direct drive and i need the' connecting rod' from upper shafting to lower shafting of shutle hook

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