Monday, February 28, 2011

Chainstitch Sewing Machines Baoyu China

High-Speed Double-Needle Chainstitch Sewing Machine
This machine adopts link-typed feeding mechanism,needle bar thread taking up, and looper thread catching to produce two lines of chainstitch,which is firm and elastic, suitable for lapping aeam and decorative seam on garment, underwear, bedding articles and leather goods.There are five different gauges available for selection.

High-Speed Double Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine
This machine adopts two straight needles,vertical-axis roating hook with self-lubricating feature for catching thread loops and sliding cam takeup to produce two lines of double lockstitch.The needle bar can be engaged and disengaged mechanically and the arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearings.It is provided with synchronous tooth belt for driving and plunger pump for lubricating,and knob-type stitch regulator and levertype reverse feeding mechanism.The sew thread pulls back spring in the bobbin case and guarantees,the harmony between surface thread and bottom thread.besides it features synchronized feeding of needle bar and feed dog.It is recommended for stitching overalls,uniforms,jeans and decorative sewing on bags. 
High-Speed Double Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine BM-20058
Model BM-20058 can obtain two lines of parallel,double chainstitching seams simultaneously.It is suitable for lap seaming and adorn seaming on garments,under-wear,beddings,thin package and leather goods.The optional needle gauge has five specifications. 


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