Friday, February 25, 2011

Scarf Sewing

                                               Materials Needed
Fabric scraps and selvedges
Muslin (or other fabric used for backing)
Sewing Machine
Ruffler Foot or Gathering Foot

First cut selvedges and fabric scraps to whatever width you prefer).
Ruffle each selvedge using your sewing machine and ruffler foot (or gathering foot.) Stitch directly down the middle of each fabric strip.
Cut a piece of muslin or other fabric to your desired dimension (for example, 12 in x 48 in.)
Sew each ruffled selvedge to the scarf backing. Sew down the middle seam of each ruffled selvedge. This should be fairly free form. Do your best to cover all of the scarf backing.
Please note that your scarf will become thicker (and warmer) with each added selvedge.
You now have a wearable testament to your craftiness!

Can easily be made with following singer machines

•3116 Simple
•8780 Curvy
•8770 Curvy
•8763 Curvy
•8280 Prélude
•Quantum L-500
•2273 Esteem II
•2263 Simple™
•7470 Confidence
•2250 Tradition™
•2010 Professional
•7469Q Confidence Quilter
•HD-110 Heavy Duty
•7469 Confidence
•1732 Esteem
•7467 Confidence
•7466 Touch & Sew
•DSXII Professional
•7465 Confidence
•7463 Confidence
•7462 Touch & Sew
•CG-590 Commercial Grade
•4228 Inspiration
•CG-550 Commercial Grade (NEW)
•4220 Inspiration
•CG-500 Commercial Grade
•7444 Precision
•CE-350 Futura
•4210 Inspiration
•CE-250 Futura™
•7436 Ingenuity
•4205 Inspiration
•CE-150 Futura
•CE-100 Futura™
•7422 Advance
•7256 Fashion Mate

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